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CEW 2023

Scientific Program

Photo | Shaw Centre

2023 Sessions

Check out the list of sessions being offered at CEW 2023.
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1. Ecotoxicology of tire and road wear particles and related contaminants – where are we 3 years after the identification of 6PPD-quinone?

2. Plastic pollution in terrestrial and aquatic environments – fate, impacts and management strategies 

3. Tackling the challenge of understanding ecological effects of per and polyfluoroalkyl substances

4. Incorporating Indigenous perspectives into environmental management: the importance of two-eyed seeing

5. Latest advances in fate and effects of metals in the natural environment

6. Mining and the environment

7. Advancements in biogeochemistry, environmental fate, ecotoxicology and environmental management of selenium

8. Exposure, accumulation and effects of radionuclides 

9. Exposure, effects, and risk assessment of pesticides in the environment

10. Living Laboratories – Advancing sustainable production practices in Canadian agriculture

11. Emerging contaminants in wastewater effluents: exposure, effects, and possible environmental risk

12. Mechanistic ecotoxicology: Integrating biochemical, physiological, and ecological responses

13. ‘Omics in ecotoxicology: predictive and diagnostic applications

14. Pollution’s power play: effects of contaminants on metabolism and energetics 

15. New methods and novel approaches for assessing and monitoring environmental contaminant mixtures or individual priority substances

16. From lab to nature: applying environmental relevance to standardized toxicity testing

17. Wildlife ecotoxicology: exposure, accumulation, and effects

18. Environmental DNA (eDNA): research and applications to assess biodiversity and supporting aquatic ecosystem health management

19. Incorporating climate change into risk assessments: challenges and opportunities

20. The effects of contaminants in a changing climate

21. Inspiring Science in the Capital - Investigation, Integration, and Implementation

22. General Ecotoxicology: Soil, Sediment, Water, Air, and Biota

Short Courses

We're hard at work finalizing short course details. Stay tuned for details about CEW 2023 short course offerings this summer.
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