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Board of Directors

Have a question about CEW? Interested in volunteering?

Contact the board at the link!

CEW Officers

The Board of Directors appoints Officers to take on the administration of CEW. The following individuals have been appointed as Officers:

Carrie Rickwood
At the pleasure of the board
Lisa Taylor
Vice-President / Communications Officer
At the pleasure of the board
Julie Anderson
At the pleasure of the board
Bonnie Lo
Student Liasion
At the pleasure of the board
Natacha Hogan
Awards Coordinator / Vice-Communications Officer
At the pleasure of the board
Braedon Humeniuk
Graduate Student Advisor
February 2022 - January 2024
Reyd Smith
Graduate Student Advisor
February 2023 - January 2025
Jim McGeer
CEW 2024 Co-Chair
September 2023 - October 2025
Beverly Hale
CEW 2024 Co-Chair
September 2023 - October 2025
Sarah Crawford
CEW 2024 Co-Chair
September 2023 - October 2025
Paul Craig
CEW 2024 Co-Chair
September 2023 - October 2025
Stacey Robinson
CEW 2023 Co-Chair
September 2021 - October 2024
Leana van der Vliet
CEW 2023 Co-Chair
September 2021 - October 2024
Rebecca Dalton
CEW 2023 Co-Chair
September 2021 - October 2024

Graduate Student Advisors

The purpose of the GSA positions is to introduce student members of CEW at the start of their careers to the function and goals of the Board of Directors in hopes that, once established, they will develop an interest in chairing a CEW and/or serving on the Board of Directors.

In addition to advising the Board of Directors, the role of the GSA is to assist the Organizing Committee (OC) with the Student Program subcommittee. GSAs have a varied role and duties include evaluating and reporting on the student program to the Board of Directors, providing a level of core consistency for the student program from year to year, orient each new OC of past student events, and providing information of value to the new OC.

Interested in being a GSA for the 2024 and 2025 workshops? Apply today!

Applications due December 31st, 2023. Submit applications to Bonnie Lo.

Want to provide feedback or suggestions on the CEW Student Program?

Reach out to Braedon and Reyd! Contact information below.

Braedon Humeniuk, CEW Graduate Student Advisor

Braedon Humeniuk | University of Manitoba

2022-2023 Graduate Student Advisor

Braedon is a Ph.D. student in the Stress Ecology Lab at the University of Manitoba in the Department of Environment and Geography. He is co-supervised by Dr. Mark Hanson (University of Manitoba) and Dr. Jose Luis Rodriguez-Gil (IISD – Experimental Lakes Area). His research focuses on characterizing the ecological risk of chloride salts in Canadian freshwaters using the Lake Winnipeg watershed as a case study. Braedon also completed his Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) at the University of Manitoba. During his undergraduate research, he published on invertebrate community responses in outdoor mesocosms as part of a larger study exploring the effectiveness of recycled crushed glass as a substrate in constructed wetlands. Braedon has also contributed to mesocosm studies on the fate and effects of pharmaceuticals, wastewater effluents, and groundwater contaminants, as well as done work on data quality and reporting within ecotoxicology.

Reyd Smith | Carleton University

2023-2024 Graduate Student Advisor

Reyd is a Ph.D. student at Carleton University and Environment and Climate Change Canada. She is co-supervised by Dr. Joseph Bennett (Carleton University) and Dr. Jennifer Provencher (ECCC). Reyd completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the University of Manitoba under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Fraser, where she published her research demonstrating how overwintering artificial light exposure advances purple martin (Progne subis) spring migration timing. Her M.Sc. was completed at the University of Windsor with Dr. Oliver Love, where she published her research on stable isotope niche dynamics and the effects of multiple stressors on breeding phenology and behaviour of Arctic-breeding common eider (Somateria mollissima). For her Ph.D., Reyd is collaborating with the Nunatsiavut Government to research polycyclic aromatic compound exposure patterns and sub-lethal health implications in three harvested seabird species following a local diesel oil spill in 2020.

Reyd Smith, CEW Graduate Student Advisor
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